Mar 29, 2009

Sachi Art - by Sacha Harrang

My name is Sacha Harrang. I am originally from Sydney, Australia.
I have travelled extensively overseas. I was able to do so at a very young age, as my father is a pilot. I have travelled and lived in many locations along the eastern border of Australia. I also managed to have had a 3 year stint out west in Cloncurry. I am continually amazed at how diverse the landscape and the people are in Australia.

I have been painting both with oil and acrylic based paints for 25 years and I think travel has helped me broaden my style in my art from classic to abstract. I really enjoy trying new things and using things from nature to get my inspiration.
Fifteen years ago I started to do leadlight mirrors and copper foiled lampshades. I have recently started in this field again and I am enjoying it immensely.
I have lived in this beautiful area now for almost 3 years and have only just starting participating in the art community with the Poddies. I hope to continue my painting and stained glass works and sell them locally as well as travelling to Brisbane to sell my art there as I have been doing the last 3 years.

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