Sep 3, 2010

More Papercuts

A few more papercuts that I'll be taking in to the shop with me today, and perhaps to BAM.
x Shan

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Aug 26, 2010

RubyLimeDesign on madeit

When the 'Arty Chic' shop isn't open you can still get hand made creations from Ruby Lime Design on Madeit

If you are a local, don't worry about the postage charges, I will refund that if you pick up from the shop, or you can just send me a message and I can make other arrangements.


Papercut Art for Dads

With Fathers Day approaching, I've been thinking Dad's while papercutting this week.
Perhaps your Dad would like a unique handmade gift like this?
These (and perhaps a few more) will be in store from Friday!

Of course, you might just want to keep them for yourself too!!
xx Shan

Aug 18, 2010

Ruby Lime Design at Pod Collective

I have had a few months of not making much due to other commitments but soon will be getting into it again with some new ideas and things for Christmas.  Here are a few pics of what I have had time to do over the past few months and what I have in the shop now.  

 Looking to Facing Island, acrylic on canvas - approx 90 x 60cm
 Hand made toy cats - made with hand dyed pure wool and designer fabrics
 A selection of Japanese Tensha Bead  & Sterling Silver earrings

 Resin and Sterling Silver earrings - made with Japanese papers and fabric

 Vintage girl and butterfly on flocked paper in shadowbox
 Twist bead necklace with unique beads
 Appliqued baby singlets

 Glass tile pendant with Kokeshi doll on blue leather cord
It's almost time to start Christmas shopping, so come and have a look at all our locally hand made products. 

Apr 13, 2010

"Asia" Collective Challenge

Here are some takes on the latest theme "Asia". From top to bottom artworks by  Sacha Harrang, Sharon Farcich, Toni Spencer, Shannon Wright, Ali Bird.

Mar 21, 2010

The Pod Collective 'Asia' Challenge

I (Carolyne - Ruby Lime Design) did my 'Asia' challenge early as I am going away.  Click here to see more about it.

Mar 14, 2010

"Something Red" - Poddie Challenge

As part of our collective we each take a turn issuing creative challenges. Our recent one being "Something Red". As you can see the interpretation of such a simple statement is wide and varied. Some of the pieces are for sale so please email us if you are interested.

Shop Display "Something Red"

Artwork (Left to right)
"Red Road"
Acrylic by Penny Grainger
"It's Red"
Mixed Media by Toni Spencer
Mixed Media
Carolyne Thornton

Lino block print by Ali Bird

Papercut by Shannon Wright

"Wonder Woman" 
Acrylic by Sharon Farcich
"Lotus Flowers"
Woodcarving by Sacha Harrang

Mar 7, 2010

Pod Collective's latest artistic challenge

Get a Voki now!

Feb 7, 2010


Here are some new pieces which have been added to the Pod shop...


 "Hair Accessory Envy" - Acrylic by Toni Spencer

"Celia had a Big Head" - Acrylic by Toni Spencer

"Little Houses" - Ali Bird


"Safari" - Ali Bird


"Love Birds" - Ali Bird

"Flora Series" - Papercuts by Shannon Wright

Jan 14, 2010

Owl Collage

I saw this red frame in a shop window and felt the urge to do a collage in it.  So here it is and if you like it you can get it here!

Jan 11, 2010

"I love printmaking" Ali Bird

I have been doing some more screenprinting and adding some extra special touches with hand drawn images over the top. All of my designs are original and I really love the whole process of creating prints. My challenge over this summer is do some lino block prints and move into some more challenging pieces.......
I have printed on raw silk for the flags and bird, combined with vintage look linen with part of a doillie and also used some luxe embellishments. The singlets are some cool boy's designs I have been playing with entitled "Space Robots".

Dec 29, 2009

January Sale

Pod Collective is reopening on Saturday the 2nd January and there will LOTS of items on SALE!!!  We want to make way for new and exciting stock for next year so come and grab some great bargains.....

Dec 8, 2009

Satchel Bags


Lots of new Satchel Bags in the shop now!!

Hair coils - Hair combs and Hand and Foot jewellery by Sachi Art

New Hair combs that won't fall out of fine hair.

Hair Coils - just coil them into your hairstyle, eg ponytail or bun etc and that adds that extra bling to your style.



Hand and Foot jewellery - great for beach weddings and can be worn with shoes as well to add colour and bling to your outfit. I can make the Foot jewellery without beads around toes so it can be worn comfortably with open shoes.

Nov 20, 2009

Matchbox mini miss

Thanks to the help of Shannon I now have these cute little houses for some cute mini dolls.  These are in the Pod Collective Shop, especially for the Christmas period. 
Had a great day in the shop today and it was especially good being inside as it is so hot today!


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