Aug 17, 2008

The Pod Postcard Challenge

At one of our recent Pod gatherings we decided that a few challenges were a good way of keeping our creativity flowing. The postcard chalenge was the smaller of the two challenges we agreed on.
We selected a member's name from a hat, and then had to find "something" to give that person from which they had to create a postcard size piece of art. The postcard when finished, would then be presented back to the person who gave you the object. We thought this was a great way of having fun, being creative, and getting to own a piece of each other's art.
Ali challenged Carolyne's creativity by giving her two plastic bread clips, Ali recieved a lovely piece of fabric that Carolyne had collected on her wanderings around the world, I (Toni) gave Michelle a coin with a hole in the centre that my son found during a treasure hunt, and Michelle gave me an attractive length of black and tan cord.
We met at Carolyne's for morning tea, where we exchanged our postcards, while enjoying the tea party atmosphere Carolyne had created for us outside in her garden. It was great fun exchanging cards, and seeing what the others had created. We were all very happy with the postcard we received, and left happily with our new pieces of art. The results of our "postcarding" can be seen here.
We have started a new postcard challenge, and hope to use these small works of art in an upcoming exhibition that we are starting to plan.

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Talca en Frecuencia said...

Hi, from Talca, Chile, thanks you for your commentary in my blog.
Pretty crafts.

Have a nice day!



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