Jul 4, 2008

Butterfly in Pink, Purple and Yellow

Today I finished this butterfly and another similar one, for a friend's two daughters. I used to make a lot of these types of creations, but our candle making business got too busy, and I had to start turning away the work.
It has been nice re-visiting the process, and I do think I will make the occassional one from time to time. It is quite a time-consuming process, the images need to be cut out from 6mm MDF board, sanded, painted, vanished and then the antena and mirror tiles added. There is also quite a bit of work in preparing the backs for hanging. I would never make a fortune from them, that is why the pleasure now comes from creating something that little people enjoy. The most common complaint I have had from people, is that their children just won't leave them on their walls - they want to take them down and play with them. Although it is hard to sometimes avoid thinking about the dollar value of an item - I personally believe creativity always flows best when money is not the focus. Art and creations are meant to be enjoyed, if we are lucky enough to be able to create paintings and other creations that bring people pleasure, then we are very blessed indeed.


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Ruby Lime design said...

Great to see a butterfly on this site! Carolyne


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