Jun 9, 2008

Heaven Scent Candles

My name is Toni and I am delighted to be a part of the Pod Collective. It is lovely to be working with a group of talented and motivated artists, and even though we are a new group - already I am finding that the energy being generated by the collective is helping keep me much more focused on art and creativity.

Today pod member, and new friend Carolyne ( of Ruby Lime design) came to my house to take photographs of some of the candles that I make with my business partner Carrie. Carolyne has a fantastic eye for detail and below are some of the beautiful images she took. I am new to the world of blogging, so Carolyne also showed me how to make this "entry" and she uploaded the photographs. A huge thank you Carolyne!

When I became part of the Pod Collective, I didn't actually intend on showing any of our candles here, while I enjoy making them immensely, I view them more as a business venture, rather than a true reflection of my artistic expression. For me, natural soy candles have been a way of releasing me from feeling the burden or need to make money from my art. I now happily say no to commissions, and only paint what I want to - it is an extremely liberating experience!

For those who don't know anything about soy candles, they are a natural alternative to paraffin based candles (which are made from petrol by-products). Fragrant candles created using soy wax, smell delicious and are non-carcinogenic. I always warn people that they are however addictive!

Carrie and I have been making soy candles for over a year, and the learning in that time has been immense. We are developing a strong market base in our local and extended community, but to expand even further we need to develop our packaging, so if anyone reading this has any ideas, or knows of some good contacts, I would be delighted to hear from you. I can be contacted at tonispencer@southernphone.com.au

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